Power BI Desktop vs Excel-based Power BI — Efficiency 365

On Demand BI Training Free Trial As you know, I recently published a Power BI Desktop course on Udemy. A few days ago, I received a message from a potential student, Andrew, asking whether taking this course would help him. He wanted to know why Excel-based Power BI is not covered in my course. The [...]


Data Classification in Power BI — Business Intelligence Insight

On Demand Power BI Training Free Trial In many corporations depending on the type of data is being used there could be different types of the sensitivities that should be applied to that data. Data Classification fulfills in Power BI Service this matter very easily. In today’s post you’ll learn how to setup Data Classification [...]

Using “IN” Operator in DAX — Business Intelligence Insight

On Demand Power BI & DAX Training Free Trial If you are a SQL guy I bet you’ve used “IN” operator zillions of times. You might also looked for the same functionality in DAX and I’m sure you’ve found fantastic blog posts showing you how to mimic the same functionality in DAX. The October release [...]

🌁 … Sway Embedded Sample Power BI Dashboards … 🌌

Did you know you can now embed Power BI Reports into Sway, Blogs & Web Sites Too! Here is a Sway example of some interactive & fully functional reports .... On Demand Power BI Training Free Trial Microsoft Store